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From our Facebook page:

Julie B – This is absolutely brilliant, well thought out and interesting to say the least. Look forward to taking on the next room. Highly recommended.

River C – Loved every minute of it. We got out of room 83. Everybody needs to do this.

Carla S – Amazing experience! It is a must… we did room 83 and can’t wait to do the box!

From TripAdvisor:

Who are we? What are we?

Rock Escape Rooms offer the increasingly popular and exciting activity of escape rooms in Gibraltar. Players have 1 hour to work together to crack codes and decrypt riddles to escape the room! A thrilling and also memorable activity for anyone. To book, you need to use our scheduler to see what slots are available or for any more information, please take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our Escape Rooms

Choose one of the escape rooms below to play. Each room is a different game and has a unique theme and story. You have 60 minutes to attempt your escape from a room. Between 2 – 5 people can attempt to escape from anyone room at the same time. To book an escape click book now and follow the steps.

Rock Escape Rooms - Room 83

Room 83

There are always vacancies at this mysterious  old hotel and you’ll soon see why, all is not as it seems. Check-in is easy, check-out is harder. Can your team solve the murder and escape in time to catch the killer?

This game is full of surprises and requires a detective’s mentality to navigate through solving the murder and escaping the room.

Difficulty:   out of 5


Sneak Peeks

Rock Escape Rooms - The Box

The Box

We have intelligence that there are enemies in the area who want to attack. Your team will go and meet Lieutenant Jenkins to make sure the secrets of Gibraltar are safe.

There is a wide range of puzzles in The Box, including several involving physical interaction, a great game for challenge and puzzle lovers alike.

Difficulty:  out of 5


Sneak Peeks

Rock Escape Rooms - The Box

The Experiment

You are subjects in a test of a powerful hallucinogenic gas, which, if proved to be successful, has the potential to take control of the world! You will be blindfolded and taken to the top secret test lab, during the experiment you need to figure out what is real and what is not, in order to report back to the doctor.

You must not hang around though, if you continue to breath the gas it will be fatal, so you must collect your evidence, find the antidote and escape from the lab, otherwise…

Science thanks you for your sacrifice.

This game features a different mechanic of game play compared with our other two games, but a varied range of puzzles and plenty of opportunity to get stuck into various aspects of the game becomes apparent very quickly.

Difficulty:   out of 5


Sneak Peeks

Rock Escape Rooms - The Box

4th Game – Planned to open end of November 2017

At this point in time, the theme is a Casino heist, the game will play half as an escape game and half as another concept that is popular in escape rooms.

More updates when we have them 🙂