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Looking for a gift for a friend or a loved one for Birthdays, Christmas or another special occasion? Rock Escape Rooms can help out, we have two options for gifts:

Option 1: General Gift Card

With this option you can buy credit for the recipient so that when it comes to booking it will cover or subtract from the total. For example if you think the recipient is likely to play with 3 adults then we will create a gift card for £54, but if the recipient chooses to have 4 adults instead of 3, the portal will inform them that £54 is covered by the gift card and the rest will need to be paid upon arrival.

To use the gift card, the recipient will go through the following simple process:

  • Go to website specified on the card
  • Enter voucher code
  • Pick game, date and time

By default the amount is displayed on the card, though we can find a way to take it off if required.

Option 2: Specific Gift Card

With this option you can choose a specific game with a specific amount of participants. The process for claiming this type of gift card is the same as above. With this type of gift, the recipient can only book for the participants specified by the buyer (though a quick email and we can override it no problem).

How to Order:

Send an email to or a private message to our facebook page with the following information:

  • Name and email address of buyer
  • Amount OR number of participants (adults, children 11 – 17 and children 11 and under)

You will receive an email to confirm the creation of the gift code, you will also receive a link to where you can edit the card, add a personal message and image.

Alternatively, if you do not have a printer, we can add the personal message or image and print and laminate the card for you and it can be picked up at the venue.

Of course any queries or questions please message our facebook page or send us an email at

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