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For a full, detailed document of all aspects of our team building offering, this PDF details every aspect of how it works for various group sizes, including example schedules and prices. Feel free to download and distribute as you wish.

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Team Building Events

Rock Escape Rooms can offer a unique option for team building or social events from your business. We understand that businesses are looking for an activity where large groups of employees can get together and reinforce or improve their team working skills but also be entertained and have fun.

We appreciate that quite often there will large numbers to partake in the activity, therefore we offer a discount depending on the number of people attending, as long as all the games from one company are played out during a 1 month period the discount applies:

For up to 20 people the price is as normal: £16 per person

For between 20 and 40 people the price is: £15 per person

For between 40 and 60 people the price is: £14 per person

For groups of 60 and above, the price is: £13 per person

Team Building Benefits

From our perspective, there are lots of benefits which transpire from playing our escape games:


Teams have to work together to escape, everyone is focused on a single objective of overcoming every challenge and obstacle within the allotted time. If there is no team work and people act alone it becomes a much tougher task.


A sub-product of the above, it’s important for teams to communicate exactly what’s going on with whichever aspect of the game they are playing. two or three people being called over to be inquisitive of a certain challenge is better than one person tackling it solo.

Quick Decision-Making

Throughout the game teams have to make fast decisions, trying new approaches, leaving non-working approaches behind.

Outside the box thinking

Facing a varied range of obstacles, teams and individuals will need to analyse all aspects of each stage of the game to beat it, this brings out skills individuals and teams perhaps did not know they had!

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